Congratulations! You have discovered my small collection of creative artifacts. As you peruse my historical gallery you might notice a few patterns. Let me give you a few clues to look for.

Curiosity. I am insatiably curious about people, places, and ideas. It drives my creative process and helps me employ empathy and sincerity in my work.

Genuine. There is not a bogus bone in my body. I approach my work/life with a truthful desire to understand and create based on that understanding. I won’t even lie about my weight (About 180 lbs, but mostly muscle).

Hands-on. Most of the work you see has had my fingerprints on it. While I enjoy collaborating as part of a team, I love being involved up to my elbows in the trenches as well.

Now, on to the gallery. Begin!


Xactware is a large software development company that serves the property insurance industry. As a result, I served that industry with my love of design.


When someone asks you what you think of the latest developments in the pipe industry, what comes to mind? Me neither…until Aquatherm.


Do you even Yevo? If you want a healthy breakfast, topped with a dash of positive, airy marketing you should…have

Other Clients

A few more brands I had the privilege to push the pixels for. Always a pleasure to work with these fine folks.

Other Projects

Indulge me just one more click and you will see my wild side…

Want more?

Feel free to get in touch and I can provide hours of visual entertainment and delight. You just gotta ask.