At Yevo, I had probably the most unique situation of my career up to this point. I was hired as the creative director for a well-funded startup that had a limited staff. So, my role was mostly to work with outside agencies in establishing all of the creative style and voice to start setting the temperature of the brand. 

I loved the companies’ focus to promote a healthy, fulfilled life through food. It opened up my creativity and inspired a simple idea: wholeness. The creative result reflected open, nature-filled imagery with vibrant colors and shapes, the core shape being the circle to represent balance and feeling complete.


The web was the crucial anchor of the business. Everything landed and transacted through the companies’ online presence. Using a variety of platforms (e-commerce, WordPress, and more), we kept the structure light, open, and flexible melding all of the tools into seamless presentations.

This turned out to be critical since the company was still trying to find their voice and we had to pivot a number of times on the messaging.


Since the company was based on a network-distribution model, it was important to have ‘real’ people be the face of the brand.

We produced and delivered a library of testimonial, user-generated media, and science-based educational animation to keep the message balanced with theory and reality.

Humanizing the message and the brand was the goal and the video content reflected our objectives.


One of the resources that we provided to distributors was a library of media and presentations to use on social platforms. We gave them lifestyle and product photography, videos, presentations, and shareable imagery that they could use to promote the Yevo message.

All of the media was light, positive, and inspirational.

I loved the message of ‘a balanced wholeness in life’ the Yevo embraced. I find that in order for me to be successful in my work, I have to find the ‘truth’ and beauty in what I am supporting. At Yevo, I found it in the intentions of product developers and the vision of the team. 

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