Other Projects

I have had a few fun, hobby projects that I thought I would share. Most of these involve my love of illustration and drama so, be prepared…

The Hive

Imagine a world discovered within our own world where hundreds of insect species were discovered/disturbed after millions of years of being hidden away from any other kind…and they are huge.

This was a fun scifi story I had in my head and decided to create some poster art for it as if I could convince a financier to help me make a movie guaranteed to creep out most everyone.

At least the art was fun…


A whimsical idea I had of giraffes getting lost in a forest. It was mostly something to entertain my children…and myself.


Another scifi story that never reached beyond the space between me ears. I did do a fair amount of writing on this project, but the best output was probably some of the art.

So, I imagine, I draw, and sometimes I write. It’s the nerdy kid with a pale of legos giggling inside of me I suppose. I let him hangout with me on occasion.

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