Other Clients

I have also had a long list of freelance opportunities that have shaped my process and love of creative problem solving. I thought I would share a few…

Northland Design

I love collaborating with clients and when they are also creatives, it gets really fun. Northland Design is a fabulous landscape architecture firm that I have provided creative direction, branding, and media design.

Stephen Hales Creative

Stephen Hales Creative was both a client and an employer for many years. I began there as an interactive director but moved into a freelance role after a few years. I opened up their interactive and media services to combine the design capabilities they possessed in spades with my storytelling background.

Natures Sunshine

I am attracted to brands that celebrate health, outdoors, and a bountiful lifestyle. Natures Sunshine was another organization that I channeled open space, vibrant colors, and grid-based organization for in both web design and video production.


If there is one thing I loved as much or more than my childhood legos, it was my bike. When Tannus came rolling up to my door, I was thrilled.

I had the rare opportunity to develop a library of images and video for Tannus and then manage the social media platforms they were delivered on. It was a blast.

There are so many others I could share. The point is that my experience is diverse with the creative challenges of large and small organizations. My process begins the same – who is the audience and what do they want?

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