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Hope in Detroit

“Capitalism has failed us, but so what? We”ll just go on to the next thing.” ~Cary Loren

I love a good adventure. Set me up to go somewhere new among people I have not met and I am happy as a clam at high tide. However, I am not a war corespondent and when I was asked to head to Detroit Michigan to shoot in some of the down-trodden areas, I found myself thinking about the stories I had read and the large collection of valuable gear I carry with me.

In the end, however, it was inspiring.


I met so many determined people. Our guide through the rough neighborhoods was a gentleman who grew up during the boom time in Detroit and saw it”s decline. He would talk about the fires and looting and then in the same breath talk of his love for “Motown”.


When we wandered into the infamous debris of the Packard Plant , we were accosted by a black Suburban that contained a very large, ponytailed man with dark glasses. After a brief moment of tension, he turned out to be the head of security for the new owner of this notorious 3,000,000 sqft monstrosity. He gladly took us around, with the help of an ingratiating $20 bill and I warmed my camera”s shutter up nicely.


I loved the sense of pride and significance I felt from many of those I encountered. Their resilience was motivating for me. I love the devotion I saw to the community and it”s future. I truly saw hope for Detroit

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