Changing seasons: embracing the harsh

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Changing seasons: embracing the harsh

It is amazing how the world I live in can become almost invisible to me until a transformation comes in the form of a snowfall. The world I knew takes on new colors. New shapes appear. Then there is the hush. When all you can hear is the crunch of snow under your own footsteps. This transformation has always been magical to me. Of course, it also brings with it the dangers in driving, the barrage of back injuries and the need to layer up for comfort. Inconveniences undoubtedly, but it is worth it all to have a fresh new world to explore. Personally, it is always about the light. I love to rise early and watch the sunrise be reflected in subtle shades on the surface of the textured snow. It’s as if God dropped a canvas and began to paint with watercolors over the landscape. I love winter.

Then again
I am equally excited for the first signs of spring. I can spend hours observing the sprouting green, the dripping tree branches and the chuckling stream. Spring and summer can be easy to love and appreciate in the mountains. There is so much to do and see without much preparation to enjoy it.
That is why I love winter more deeply. It isn’t easy to love.
There is an otherworldly quality about winter that inspires me to explore all the same haunts of summer. I want to see what shape a slope takes when blanketed in white. A snowy white meadow in the moonlight.  The translucent reflection off a frozen puddle. Even though these activities can’t be done without the right gear and a due amount of caution, they warm within me a new appreciation of the everyday miracles that surround me.
Life has it’s seasons as well. Some hours, days, years require more effort to enjoy. In fact, some go beyond simple inconvenience into a world of pain and heartache. Yet, taking the time to observe, meditate and look for something unique and precious can help  find some kind of appreciation for the dark moments. Every pass through the darkening months can give us a deeper confidence that they will give way to a season of renewing and growth.
When you wake up to the first winter snowfall, does it fill you with dread or wonder?
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