Empower your life by letting go of the weaknesses

This morning, I innocently stepped into a conflict with another photographer. He misunderstood a comment I made about another artist's work. His outrage went so far as to find my website and then throw his low opinions of my work/thoughts back at me (He didn't find much to talk about...

Finding my heart on the streets of New York City
One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. ~Tom Wolfe
There are two approaches to New York City. You can attempt to isolate yourself through taxis, hotel room service and google searches that serve to protect you from the noise, dangers and infamous population.
Hope in Detroit
"Capitalism has failed us, but so what? We''ll just go on to the next thing." ~Cary Loren
I love a good adventure. Set me up to go somewhere new among people I have not met and I am happy as a clam at high tide. However, I am not a war corespondent and when I was asked to head to Detroit Michigan to shoot in some of the down-trodden areas, I found myself thinking about the stories I had read and the large collection of valuable gear I carry with me. In the end, however, it was inspiring.
Changing seasons: embracing the harsh

It is amazing how the world I live in can become almost invisible to me until a transformation comes in the form of a snowfall. The world I knew takes on new colors. New shapes appear. Then there is the hush. When all you can...