Aquatherm is an innovator in an old industry.

They provide piping solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Their product is based of a polypropylene formula that offers better longevity, handling of material and long-term cost. The challenge, how do you make pipe appealing?  

My focus is on the people behind the pipe, their passion and the result.

We created several video products for Aquatherm. First, an introduction to the company and their purpose

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The challenge for a user of any new product is skill level. Aquatherm knew that education would be a key factor in the success of a new product.  We created an on-going training series that gave the pipe-fitter the information they needed, when and where they needed it.

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What is also critical is to get feedback from customers who are already using the product. We visited several existing customers and captured their experiences with using the Aquatherm product in their specific applications, such as the brewing industry

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And the need for content continues. The key is to keep working with the customer base to discover what they need and delivering quality stories that help them in their journey to becoming successful. Their is no arrival – only a continual effort to improve.